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Cost/Benefit Analysis

Mercury Z’s Professional Services offers a Cost/Benefit Analysis solution to the data center industry. Through a consultative approach, our industry experts help you to determine the advantages and disadvantages of performing a task in-house versus outsourcing it. By considering all the factors involved surrounding the Cost/Benefit Analysis of conducting a particular task, Mercury Z can assist you in tallying up the financial costs and the value of each solution.

The decision to go in-house is often based on convenience and a perception that costs will be lower and the value greater if done within the company. Assigning a task to an employee in the company may take them away from other, potentially more valuable duties. The alternative may be to hire someone, however the costs could then potentially be higher as the salary requirements may be for a longer period of time than the duration of the project and would include fully loaded costs. There is also the issue of what to do afterwards.

By working with a Professional Services provider such as Mercury Z, you gain the advantage of an expert with a breadth of experience, having worked on similar projects for multiple customer bases, and with exposure to numerous kinds of networks and systems. A Mercury Z professional services consultant will have the experience and flexibility to tackle your project, at reduced cost and with a breadth of knowledge and experience to draw upon.


Network Engineering Services

Mercury Z provides your business with a variety of network engineering solutions from Network Planning and Design through to Expansion and Integration. We also provide a customized, Mercury Z solution, in Application Development, IP Migrations, & Mergers & Acquisition services.


Working With Us

We are always looking to work with talented individuals, whether it’s an entry level role, an experienced hire, or someone with decades of expertise and knowledge. We combine a great working environment with opportunities for professional development to ensure that our employees are reaching their full potential.

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