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Logistics & Staging Support

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Mercury Z offers you logistical support for your data center moves. Moving from A to B can be a smooth and efficient process with the help of Mercury Z’s technical team who know the importance of handling equipment with care and consideration. With experience in numerous data center moves, we can help you move your servers and racks to exactly where you want them, and with minimal disruption to business. Mercury Z also has strategic partnerships to provide the right solution for you, as well as national and global experience to carry this process out for you efficiently and effectively.

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With experience in staging support, Mercury Z can provide you with the expertise to manage a staging area for you, configure devices at the location, conduct Quality Assurance tests, and pack them up to send them where you need them to go. With a talented technical team comprised of expert project managers, this process is managed for you in terms of logistics and set-up, to get your devices where they need to be and ready to operate as soon as they get there.


Network Engineering Services

Mercury Z provides your business with a variety of network engineering solutions from Network Planning and Design through to Expansion and Integration. We also provide a customized, Mercury Z solution, in Application Development, IP Migrations, & Mergers & Acquisition services.


Working With Us

We are always looking to work with talented individuals, whether it’s an entry level role, an experienced hire, or someone with decades of expertise and knowledge. We combine a great working environment with opportunities for professional development to ensure that our employees are reaching their full potential.

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