5 Reasons Why Cloud Computing Is Taking The Industry By Storm


When cloud computing was first introduced as an up-and-coming business solution for added functionality and capacity, there was a lot of hesitation and doubt that surrounded its usage. When test groups tried to use it as a business solution, they found that it exceeded their original expectation. Cloud computing proved to be a successful way to increase storage, perform additional functions, and scale operations without investing heavily internally for servers with limited capacity.  The cloud’s popularity has spread across industries, becoming the norm rather than the exception, and often replacing internal servers completely. Over the span of just a few years the cloud has proven to be a valuable business asset. Let’s take a deeper look at 5 ways cloud-based computing has had a positive effect on businesses across industries:

1. Accessible Information

Imagine being able to give everyone in your company access to all of the vital information that they need in one place. By using the cloud as a company-wide storage solution, you can offer your employees an incredibly easy and fast way to access any pertinent business information from one place. Internal servers do not provide the same level of accessibility, speed or security, on top of which they most likely have no back-up. From a company standpoint, this is an extremely useful feature as it enables employees to work more efficiently throughout their day.


2. Increased Mobility

Taking accessibility one step further, cloud computing allows employees to attend to business needs securely, from anywhere. These days, almost everyone has multiple ways to access the internet either on mobile phones or tablets, in addition to their laptops or computers. This empowers employees to not be confined to an office or desk and provides a greater sense of flexibility, which in turn, improves an individual employee’s productivity. Regardless of their location they are able to respond to clients, keep up on business changes, and monitor their projects as needed. More importantly, it also encourages employers to support healthy work/life balances which typically results in happier, more productive employees.

3. Unmatched Flexibility

Regardless of your business demands, the cloud-based services that you use can be adjusted to make sure that it is meeting your needs. Smaller companies or start-ups that experience a lot of fluctuation in the size of their operations in the beginning, can enjoy the ability to make changes to their cloud capacity by being able to increase or decrease the amount of capacity or storage available to them. Businesses benefit from this as well since they can increase their cloud capacity as the company grows. Since the cloud allows you to only use what you need, you are able to easily scale up or down as needed.

4. Integrated Recovery Solutions

Most companies that aren’t currently using a cloud-based platform have a really difficult time recovering lost data in the event of a system crash or another catastrophic situation. Some companies have the available resources to integrate third-party solutions or additional IT personnel to ensure that their data is backed-up and can be restored if it is lost. However, smaller companies aren’t usually able to afford that kind of redundancy and quick recovery strategy. By using cloud computing, your information is more greatly secured on virtual servers dedicated to providing capacity and storage compared to a company’s own, expensive and risk-prone internal servers.

5. Extensive Reach

Being able to create cloud-based applications allows the reach of your business to expand way beyond the limits of your headquarters. This means that you can hire employees all over the globe, communicate with international businesses and customers effortlessly, and provide consistent information across all of the different parts of your business.

It is easy to see why cloud computing has quickly become an integral part of the businesses that are most successful today. No matter what industry your business is in, there is a cloud-based solution that can suit your needs. Whether you need software that helps manage your sales contacts, or enhanced data security, a cloud migration partner can help you ensure that your business has the capacity to run the applications and programs that you need.

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