Planning Ahead for Big Projects?  Get Ready-to-go Support with Staff Augmentation Services

Large-scale projects benefit from extra personnel to carry out voluminous tasks at a given period of time and at short notice. Companies commit their resources to other ongoing projects and if a new one emerges, it needs additional labor support with the same professionalism and performance that are expected of all employees. Outsourcing the task of searching for skilled staff experienced in project support, whether IT or NOC, prevents work downtime or extension of the duration of current projects. Staff augmentation services provide much needed support for businesses when they need it the most whether for support, technical expertise or management assistance.

Why partner with staff augmentation specialists? These professionals have the experience in sourcing the right technical skills and scaling up for projects. Investing in specialist services for staff augmentation of project support and project management tasks, saves you the money, time, and energy that would be better allotted to core business operations.

Staff Augmentation Services Up Close


Staff augmentation is a business strategy that outsources short-notice or standby staff, providing your business with the extra capacity it needs and when it needs it the most. The project support solution of staff augmentation means the added resources are there such as a temporary workforce, additional skilled staff, who can meet the changing demands of operations and achieve current business project goals.

It is a viable business strategy that is beneficial for all types of businesses in different industries such as Retail, Communications, Financial, Healthcare, and Data Centers. These industries have dynamic operations and needs depending on the demands of the clients and overall market.

Key Processes in Staff Augmentation

1. Sourcing and Management

Project support specialists help source additional staff and managers with relevant experience and skills. Your business benefits from professional services to find the best workforce for your project through scoping out, sourcing and managing your business requirements.

2. Create a Workforce Plan

Specialists closely coordinate with the client, learn and understand the business and project requirements and create a workforce plan based on the results. Businesses partnering with effective staff augmentation experts benefit from a strong workforce plan that is built upon the mission framework of their business.

3. Plan Structure and Coverage

Staff augmentation specialists provide assistance in planning and mapping out a hierarchical structure for smooth workflow. Additional personnel will know where to go, what their assignments are, and who their supervisors are, without wasting time and valuable resources. Daily business operations and productivity are fully covered without disruptions.

4. Hiring and Training

Project support experts have industry expertise and tools to search for competent and highly qualified staff based on your required specific skill sets. Staff augmentation specialists help train additional employees for competence and reliability in the field. Your business benefits in having managers and personnel with proven industry expertise and experience. Outsourcing the HR to resource and hire staff for project support delegates the task and facilitates fast hiring of the right personnel.

5. Procurement and Logistics

Project support partners also cover any tasks to purchase necessary equipment. They plan logistics, and maintain and update employee databases. Your business gets help from trusted experts in the implementation and management of support staff from their deployment to the end of the project contract.

6. Monitoring and Performance Report

This monitoring service reviews the staff augmentation program and gathers salient tools for reference on future projects. The process guarantees smooth project management and flawless implementation of business operations throughout the project.

Project support specialists in staff augmentation have the knowledge, industry expertise, and resources to guarantee excellent results. Working with the right partner gives you more than a recruitment expert. The upsides of partnership with the specialists boost business growth regardless of the demands and changes in your respective niche.

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