Top Tips To Manage Your Remote Support Team


According to, the amount of people that work from home has grown 103 percent since 2005 and 3.8 million employees now work from home half of the time. With remote work on the rise, it is becoming increasingly important for managers to know how to manage these types of teams. Encouraging communication, having processes in place and making sure your team is focused are keys to successfully managing a remote support team.

Open Communication Tools

Communication is key in any work environment whether it is with a remote team or on-site team. Having open lines of communication, especially in a remote team situation, allows your team to stay up-to-date on deadlines, upcoming work, company information and more. An efficient way to encourage open communication is by using Slack, “team communication for the 21st century.” Slack is a communication tool that allows you to chat with team members, share files, organize projects and make phone or video calls. Slack is a free tool with an option to upgrade to paid subscriptions that allow more storage and additional benefits. Using a communication tool such as Slack will help keep your entire team on track and up-to-date and lessens the communication burdens of remote workers. Once a communication system is in place, processes should be put in place for everything else.

Manage Work Flow

Just like communication, processes help keep your employees on track. Processes allow you to track your employees work while helping your employees ensure they are getting the job done efficiently and correctly. A great process to put in place immediately is using Trello, a task management website. This allows processes to be made for any and all tasks your team need to complete. Employees can easily be assigned to a task or project boards. Managers can then view and know when a task is complete or where an employee is on the project. Now that a process is put in place to track your employees work, you must get them to focus on completing the work.


Increase Production Efficiency 

Working remotely comes with a variety of distractions you typically wouldn’t come across in an office. From cooking meals, to doing laundry and watching your favorite show – these are all tempting habits for remote workers. To increase a remote workers’ focus encourage your staff to have a separate office space in their home – somewhere away from the TV. Having a designated office space will feel more like a work environment and limit the distractions around them. Also encourage your team to head to a coffee shop a few times a week. This can promote both focus and creativity.

Another tempting distraction is our favorite social media sites. One way to combat this is with site blockers. Employees can set a specific amount of time to have Facebook, Twitter, etc. blocked and keeps them focused on their tasks. A great site blocker for Chrome is StayFocusd.

Technology has evolved so much that we no longer have to be at work to get our job done. Through communication, processed and focus, managers can successfully manage their remote teams. Remote work is the way of the future and these tips will help both workers and managers to be successful in their remote role.

There are many benefits to the company of using a ‘white label’ provider to offer additional services to its customers.  Working with a partner to develop or deliver additional services includes:

·         Reduced costs (or none) of development

·         Speed-to-market

·         Learning new skill sets and market knowledge

·         Keeping focus on core offerings

·         Adding value to the customer

A ‘white label’ partner is often smaller, more nimble, and/or has a different core focus than the primary company.  If the company would like to deliver Security Services, but their core offering is around networks, they won’t already have security experts.  Some might argue that they need to build the offering themselves, but the go-to-market process for an in-house offering, often due to red tape and budgets, would likely be months if not over a year.  Another argument is that the service offering is already a proven commodity to the provider, with existing staff, who have the technical experience and the marketing knowledge to deliver effectively. 

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