Integrating Security Solutions Into Financial Services

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Networks, including equipment, appliances and network services for financial services has become a case of plugging holes where needed. This has then led to acquiring network equipment and solutions as the need arises. With all the equipment in play, there is a need to simplify and integrate network solutions. This will then result in a more understandable, straight-fairly forward security solution.

According to, the problem stems from disparate network equipment from different vendors. This is usually the case because no single vendor has a complete line of network equipment. Besides the network routers, switches and bridges, there are also the quality of service (QoS) appliances, dedicated firewalls, gateways, as well as storage (NAS/SAN), and routing (NAT and proxy) solutions.

Implementing Social Engineering

Unfortunately, each of today’s network equipment and appliances usually also has other associated services included or embedded in their systems, resulting in redundancies of functions. In terms of network security, each of these devices has their own solutions, whether as hardware or as built-in software. For instance, it is a de facto standard that a network device has its own anti-virus program. However, even worse than the redundancies, there are sometimes solutions at cross-purposes to one another.

The key to keeping on top of these security solutions is to integrate and simplify. Planning and mapping out the existing equipment will show which associated services are repeated across devices. Integrating these solutions would require some form of automation, including scripts and programs. This part is relatively simple, as most network appliances run Linux or Unix inside their boxes.

Integration will show which equipment or service is no longer needed. The savings is more evident in the services and licenses. Once you buy network equipment, it usually cannot be sold back to the vendor. However, the savings is in the associated fees like licensing and support for these devices, as well as for specific software running on these boxes.

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