Wireless Developments in the Workplace


Today, many businesses are increasingly moving towards wireless solutions, especially when it comes to network connectivity. Throughout any department of a business, wireless solutions can enhance employee and employer productivity from greater work flexibility in the office to high resolution video conferencing to facilitate meetings across different geographical locations. Along with flexibility, wireless networks ensure employees are connected to the corporate network at all times, fostering dependability and accountability. Wireless devices such as phones, tablets and other devices—with correct usage, give employees a framework for boosting their productivity as they are no longer confined solely to their desks.

Businesses are now more than ever looking towards wireless solution providers to maintain their corporate networks. Wireless networks are more adaptable to the emerging business needs than wired networks. Wireless solutions such as cloud computing can enhance capabilities from storage management to cyber security by ensuring that data is kept safe and secure.


Rather than being merely a distraction, wireless devices can help to keep employees connected, saving on time, space and bolstering performance. Wireless solutions can improve staff morale especially at firms that offer data center services. This is because they enable staff to work from home, attend off-site meetings and access and diverge real time information to their respective departments. Some organizations allow employees to use their personal devices to access office resources through a strategy known as ‘bring your own device’ - BYOD.

This approach saves valuable productivity time for the company, since employees are already familiar with their own devices and can plan their work schedules more efficiently. However, it is imperative for business owners to understand the risks involved in allowing personal devices to access corporate networks. Some applications on Android’s operating system are susceptible to infection by malicious code, which may in turn lead to instances of email phishing and other cyber security threats.

Project Support

Businesses are constantly looking for wireless solution providers to proactively manage their wireless networks. Wireless solutions can help firms to establish customized network design and planning to better incorporate new and developing technology. Companies are able to map their wireless network design in an efficient and quick timeframe while taking steps to allow for future modifications. Through these customized plans, businesses are able to install and configure a reliable and efficient wireless system for the company.
The use of server migration companies can help businesses to update outdated programs and bring on board better software and hardware in the upgrading process. Wireless solution providers aid in network monitoring as well as responding to troubleshooting queries as part of a project support strategy engaged by some businesses to make the most out of their upgraded wired / hybrid / wireless networks. Cloud migration ensures onsite data processing and dissemination is instantaneous, allowing an organization’s computing resources to be shared in a virtual, secure and cost-effective way.


Wireless solution providers provide web application testing tools which carefully evaluate web-based applications for businesses. This ensures that your company’s apps are working as they should, before they go live. Web application testing services also cover functionality issues such as user interface, browser compatibility, handling traffic and server storage.

Wireless developments in the workplace also encompass security issues by conducting IT security risk assessments on web-based systems. Risk assessments help companies to adopt best practices for their web-based systems, while at the same time mitigating against attacks from malicious 3rd parties.

Boosting Signals

DAS (Distributed Antennas Systems) is an efficient way to increase network capacity and improve coverage. These antenna-feeder devices provide 100% coverage of 2G/3G and Wi-fi networks of one provider, but also allow other mobile operators to connect to DAS infrastructure. Possibilities of DAS are even greater due to the development of WiMAX/4G networks oriented on high speed data transfer. This provides an office with widespread cellular and wireless coverage by the use of an efficient set up of antennae to boost connectivity throughout. This means fewer troublesome ‘dead’ spots where signal is low or non-existent, and instead, employees and clients alike will have access to high performing wireless.

Wireless systems have a huge potential to transform businesses with innovative solutions. They offer employees flexibility for efficient and effective delivery of services. Wireless technologies through cloud computing eliminates extra work by providing real-time data reporting. A new wave of innovations in Wireless-LANs, wireless content sharing and 5G networks will greatly impact business in near future.

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