Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

Complete solutions to support your DAS deployments

Distributed Antenna System

DAS Solutions

Mercury Z provides technical and scalable support for Distributed Antenna System (DAS) implementations of indoor and outdoor projects, large or small. With our resources and teams of experienced Project Managers, Cable Technicians, RF Engineers, and Consultants, your customers can enhance their business capabilities and gain access to strong wireless connectivity.


Installation & Testing

Mercury Z provides technicians with expertise to run coax, fiber, and power cables, to install key access points and antennas according to a specified sequence. Our experienced technicians also test the installed network of cabling and antennas with typical tests and procedures including an RF sweep using Anritsu equipment and PIM testing using JDSU test sets.  



Once a system has been installed and tested, Mercury Z can ensure that it is provisioned (turned up or turned on).  An RF engineer or Level IV installer can arrive on-site to take sample measurements in various places to determine if cell coverage is consistent. If not, our experts will make recommended adjustments or replacements of antennas, test cables, etc. until the system is performing as per specifications.


Staffing for DAS Project Support

Mercury Z can source industry experts to support your DAS projects, from cable technicians and RF Engineers, to Project Managers and Wireless Consultants. Our experienced sourcing and onboarding team provides you with the help that you need to deploy across the US.

The key to setting up a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is the professional and efficient installation of antennas in a series that will provide the best coverage. Once the installation phase is complete, Mercury Z’s expert technicians conduct thorough testing to ensure optimal set-up and signal transmission.

With a tried-and-proven methodology, you can have peace-of-mind knowing your DAS implementation will be handled strategically and professionally from start to finish. With more than 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, Mercury Z can manage complex DAS deployments and scale with you to support your needs.  

Solutions for rapid and efficient DAS deployments: Mercury Z can plan and lead deployments, or provide installation and testing support only, all according to what you need and your planned wireless strategy.  Mercury Z can support you nationally with resources and trained experts, certified on major OEM DAS systems.  Our team of industry-specific project managers can provide you with the needed expertise to properly and efficiently run and terminate cabling, and install and test antennas and access points, according to required guidelines and specifications.  

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