Are you and your employees aware of common email phishing practices used by hackers to gain confidential information?

Mercury Z provides a social engineering engagement comprised of an email phishing simulation and security seminar for corporations so employees can learn about the various attack methods from hackers and how to recognize them.

Don't Let Your Employees Get Conned!

Number of phishing emails targeting
U.S. companies in Q1 of 2016

6.3 million

PhishMe has released their Q1 report for phishing emails. According to the report, there were 6.3 million phishing scam emails sent to U.S. companies in the first three months of 2016. Not only is that a staggering number, but 93% of those emails contained encrypted ransomware. With phishing scams on the rise year after year, it's imperative companies are proactive in the prevention and education of the issue to its employees.

Amount of money U.S. companies
lost in 2015 due to PHISHING

$246M LOST

According to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), there were 7,838 Business Email Compromise complaints in 2015 resulting in nearly $250 million in lost finances. Do you want to be the one that has to explain to your stakeholders how the phishing scam tricked your employees and how the loss of revenue could have been prevented?

How Mercury Z helped
a leading global tech company

Case Study

Strengthening the cybersecurity of companies is our passion. Recently, Mercury Z significantly improved a client's ability to identify suspicious emails. Before training, the client had nearly 20% of its credentials lost during a mock phishing scam. After Mercury Z training, their employees only lost 1.4% of its credentials, which would result in tens - if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in a real life scenario.



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