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Network Engineering Services For The Communications Industry

Carriers are continuously challenged to meet the ever-growing demand for bandwidth and speed from their subscribers. In order to meet this demand, carriers have to keep upgrading their networks with the most current technology and designs. By working with Mercury Z, we can help you to analyze your current network performance and determine the best approach for optimization, and enhanced capacity and performance.

Mercury Z provides a number of solutions, which allows carriers to maximize the potential of current technology and shape the foundation for the next generation. By utilizing Mercury Z's expertise in architecture and design, carriers will reap the benefits of their investment by serving their customers to the highest level in the short, medium, and long-term. Through a partnership with Mercury Z, you gain the talent needed to ensure that the management and maintenance of your network is at its most effective. Carriers get the kind of support that they need to retain their competitive advantage throughout and beyond this time of rapid technological growth and change.

Our Network Engineering Services are well-supported by other Mercury Z solutions including Cloud, Wireless, and Project Support, among others.  These solutions can be easily integrated to ensure any required virtualization, increased efficiency with wireless connectivity, and project management expertise for smooth project completion. Explore some of our Network Engineering Solutions for planning, design, expansion, optimization, integration, and Network Assessments to determine the current performance of your network, Application Development for easy integration, and IP Migration, among many other customized network solutions that pertain to your specific industry needs.  

Network Planning, Design, Expansion, Optimization, and Integration

Mercury Z supports carriers and enterprises in the communications industry by providing comprehensive, end-to-end network engineering solutions, from design, to implementation, including management and maintenance. Through a consultative approach, Mercury Z works with you to provide a variety of network solutions including network planning, design, expansion, optimization, and integration.

ATM to IP Network Design Transition Services

Mercury Z has been architecting ATM to IP solutions for a number of years, and with the breadth of experience that we have accumulated, you gain a smooth and efficient transition service, to enable your business operations to continue operating with minimal disruption.

Mergers & Acquisitions Services

Mercury Z can help you with the potential complexities that arise with mergers & acquisitions. In order to facilitate a seamless integration, we provide you with a robust network integration strategy, address security concerns, convert or integrate facilities database management platforms, address any provisioning incompatibilities, perform static IP migrations, create scripting, and reconfigure network equipment as needed.


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