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Telecoms Project Support/Network Operations Center (NOC)

In order to allow carriers to focus on their core functions, Mercury Z provides a range of Project Support services including the set-up of a Network Operations Center (NOC), Network Assessments, Equipment Diagnostics, Server Migrations, and Staff Augmentation, among many other solutions tailored for the communications industry.

Mercury Z's NOC capabilities provide helpdesk support for your customers and/or your technical staff, to ensure that they have the knowledge that they need to fix any issues themselves or get the assistance that they require from a knowledgeable team. Our assessments, diagnostics, and migration services all contribute to heightening the performance of your networks and equipment for optimal efficiency. Mercury Z's Staff Augmentation service caters for any of your additional labor requirements whether helpdesk support, the sourcing, and management of a technically skilled labor workforce, or consulting with expert advisors with years of communications industry knowledge.   

Network Operations Center (NOC)

Mercury Z provides Tier 2 and Tier 3 support for broadband, for businesses in the communications industry ensuring that you can cater to your customers and to your technicians. By offering a customer-facing ‘help desk’ solution and an internal ‘help desk’ service for your technicians, you can cover both internal and external facing sides with the right level of technical support.

Tier 2:

Mercury Z’s knowledgeable staff of NOC technicians give technical assistance to your customers on your behalf. We are experienced in troubleshooting problems and assessing whether further technical assistance is required.

Tier 3:

Mercury Z helps your technicians with the more complex challenges they may face, giving them the support they need to resolve your customer’s more technical issues.

Network Assessments, Hardware Diagnosis, and Server Migrations

Mercury Z offers assessments and diagnostic solutions to verify that your network is functioning to its optimal capabilities and to fit with your expectations of performance and reliability. Improving efficiency and security in your network is paramount, as well as the need to update software and hardware when necessary. Mercury Z can review all aspects of your carrier network and make recommendations on how performance, capacity, and reliability can be improved.

Staff Augmentation

Mercury Z has the ability to provide you with any additional labor support that you need in your personnel. With years of experience and expertise in sourcing staff and managers from the communications industry, Mercury Z can manage the staff augmentation process for you. By partnering with Mercury Z, we will scope out your business requirements with you, produce a workforce plan, factor in coverage and geography, plan a hierarchical structure, search for staff based on your specific skillset needs, hire managers with industry expertise, fully vet and hire employees, train them, procure any necessary equipment and plan logistics, maintain a database of employees, implement and manage the deployment of support staff, and produce reporting as well as a winding down plan. By partnering with Mercury Z, you gain more than just a recruiter, you gain an industry expert in providing project support staff, and planning a managed workforce deployment.

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