The Data Center Industry

Work with Mercury Z professionals that have over 20 years of experience in professional equipment management & data center solutions!

Data Center Management Expertise

With years of experience working with data centers, Mercury Z understands the challenges of owning, managing, and maintaining them. Whether you are a data center provider, or an enterprise who owns a data center, we have the knowledge and the ability to help you with your requirements. This includes specific Data Center Services such as Infrastructure Design, Relocation & Installation, Logistics & Staging Support, among other support solutions.

Our services extend beyond support, and into Security Services, where Mercury Z can ensure that your data center is secure. Field Services and Project Support give you additional capacity and functionality, and Wireless Services provide the connectivity that you require to fit in with your data center's needs.

Mercury Z prides itself on expert management and maintenance by making your data center more efficient, through reducing its size, and providing cloud migration services so that applications that currently run in a data center can be moved to the cloud. By utilizing Mercury Z’s cloud architects and specialists, you can reduce the size and costs associated with your data center by moving hosted applications to a cloud environment.

Click any of our Solutions for the Data Center Industry below to learn more

Click any of our Solutions for the Data Center Industry below to learn more

Offering Infrastructure Design, On-Site Maintenance & Support, Logistics & Staging, and Relocation & Installation.

PCI Compliance, Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, Social Engineering, Mobile App Testing, among many more.

Providing WiFi Access Point Installations, Hardware Installations, Cabling, Staging, and Equipment Management / Asset Disposal.

Network Engineering Services:

Providing services in the management and maintenance of networks, including solutions in network planning, design, expansion, optimization, and integration.

Project Support:

Supporting networks with infrastructure design, performance assessments, hardware diagnosis, and server migrations.

Cloud Services:

Migration solution to move your data or your customer’s data to a cloud environment.

Branded Professional Services:

Solutions produced and ‘packaged’ by Mercury Z, and delivered under your brand name. Security services can be delivered in this way.


Professional Services for WiFi to measure current WiFi efficiency. Small Cell Backhaul Provisioning to facilitate connectivity for carriers and enterprises, Close-out Support Packages, and Quality Inspection Services.

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