The Healthcare Industry

Work with Mercury Z for network engineering services, security, and many other solutions dedicated to the healthcare sector!

Network Engineering Services For The Healthcare Industry

In order to handle vast quantities of data in an efficient and secure way, strong network design is vital to healthcare providers and enterprises operating in the healthcare industry. Mercury Z’s Network Engineering Services allow you to plan, design, implement, expand, migrate, integrate or optimize your network to keep up with the latest technological developments in information management and telemedicine solutions. We can provide you with the expertise you need to manage and maintain an efficient network that can cope with next generation technology.

Mercury Z recognizes that the healthcare industry has specific requirements when it comes to securing and optimizing very complex networks and systems.  The vast quantity of information that needs to be entered, stored, and transferred requires a flexible network that can cope with scalability, as well as the integration of newer technology. In addition to a robust network, which needs to be expertly managed and maintained, it must also be secured by many layers including network security, policies and procedures to ensure the utmost security precautions have been taken into account. This extends to personnel, as well as the physical environment in which day-to-day operations take place.  Mercury Z can help you to assess your network performance and its security, so that you can focus on the core areas of your business.

Network Planning, Design, Expansion, and Integration

Mercury Z supports the healthcare industry with comprehensive, end-to-end network engineering solutions, from design, to implementation, migration and systems optimization, management and maintenance. Through a consultative approach, Mercury Z works with you to provide a variety of network solutions including network planning, design, expansion and integration.

As experts in networks, Mercury Z has the technical expertise and the experience to provide you with exactly what you need, whether it’s a piece of the network puzzle, or the entire solution.


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