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Retail Project Support

With the increasing use and reliance of technology in the retail space, businesses need to take steps to update their equipment for optimal efficiency, and more importantly to stay ahead of the latest digital developments that customers are expecting from their retail experiences. More and more, retailers are requiring the integration of their current systems with new technology, complete installations, from new hardware to wireless technology. Mercury Z provides a range of offerings to support businesses in the retail industry to assess network performance to ensure optimal efficiency, to diagnose hardware and make upgrades if necessary, and for migrations.

Mercury Z provides these key services such as Network Assessments and Hardware Diagnosis to determine how efficient your systems currently are, and the measures that need to be taken in order to maximize their potential. We also offer Server Migrations, which can allow you to operate in a more modern environment, with better maintenance, and support. Additional benefits of migrating can include more capacity with improving technological developments in servers, and cheaper costs from space and air conditioning savings.

Network Assessments, Hardware Diagnosis, and Server Migrations

Mercury Z offers assessments and diagnostic solutions to verify that your network is functioning to its optimal capabilities and to fit with your expectations of performance and reliability. Improving efficiency and security in your organization is paramount, as well as the need to update software and hardware when necessary. Mercury Z can review all aspects of your carrier network and make recommendations on how performance, capacity, and reliability can be improved. Mercury Z also specializes in Server Migrations including between Exchange and Active Directory, so that you can operate on the latest and fastest systems, and focus your time and resources on your core business.


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