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Work with the right technically-skilled people to make equipment management and moves easier for multi-location enterprises!

Field Support and Installation Services

Mercury Z offers a number of field services to support the assessment, optimization, installation, maintenance and repair, of networks, systems, equipment, and devices. With an experienced team of technicians, project managers, and consultants, Mercury Z can provide scalable expert support for one-off projects or long-term engagements. 

  • Engineer, Furnish, and Install (EF&I)
  • Transportation
  • Hardware Installation
  • Cabling & Staging
  • WiFi Access Point Installation
  • Equipment Management / Asset Disposal

With decades of experience in Field Services, our professionals can support complex projects, managing time and resources efficiently to meet your important deadlines. Mercury Z’s advanced capabilities stem from the use of proven methodologies, innovative solutions, and knowledgeable staff who can complete work according to set specifications.

Mercury Z's Field Services capabilities include:

Engineer, Furnish and Install (EF&I)

Mercury Z boosts your deployment capabilities with qualified industry experts who are provided with the tools and resources they need to complete projects efficiently and on time. With experienced technicians, project managers, and knowledgeable industry consultants as part of our team, Mercury Z can support you in your projects or manage them for you. For rapid and quality-driven deployments, turn to Mercury Z for:

  • Engineering Design
  • Installation
  • Testing
  • Site Surveys
  • Project Management

Additional services include:

Network Assessment, Design, Optimization 

Logistical Support

Mercury Z has the staff and resources to support your logistics requirements, for small, medium or large projects across the US. With a trained team of experts, your equipment and devices, among other items are safely transported with care, with capabilities for the following as required:

  • Disassembly
  • Packaging
  • Transport
  • Reassembly
  • Configuration
  • Connection
  • Testing

Hardware Installation

Mercury Z’s hardware installation team has the experience and expertise to handle your equipment with care, and to set it up in just the way you need it. By working with you to establish your requirements, Mercury Z can install your hardware in one location or at multiple sites. We can also enable the integration of your systems as well as test your equipment to make sure everything is up and running.

Hardware installation services include:

  • Complete project scoping
  • End-to-end project management
  • Asset inventory tracking
  • Physical installation on-site
  • Hardware testing and integration

Cabling and Staging

Mercury Z provides you with cabling and staging solutions to enable you to connect your sites internally and externally. You can benefit from working with a partner with both technical and project management expertise so that your solution can be executed swiftly, accurately, and with minimal disruption.


Mercury Z helps you to set up a pre-designed infrastructure or works with you to plan, design, and install the customized infrastructure solution that you need. With a variety of cabling at your disposal from copper to fiber optics, you can be sure that Mercury Z will have the expertise, equipment, and experience required to put your design into place.


You can take advantage of Mercury Z’s project management experience by using our staging service to set up one location to keep track of all of your equipment ready to be installed. By establishing a staging location, Mercury Z can prepare all of your equipment in one place, keep track of all inventory, go through a set process for each piece of equipment, and ensure quality control before as well as after installation.

WiFi Access Point Installation

For multi-location enterprises, installing access points for wireless connections can be a large task requiring many levels of asset management to track inventory and installation status. Mercury Z’s WiFi Access Point Installation service covers small or large-scale installations using professionally trained experts with experience working with complex systems and multiple locations.

WiFi Access Point Installation services include the following capabilities:

  • Customized project scope and site survey
  • End-to-end project management
  • Asset inventory tracking
  • On-site installation (including structured cable)
  • Asset Point testing and systems integration

Equipment Management /Asset Disposal

Mercury Z offers an Equipment Management / Asset Disposal service to manage your equipment in the way that you need, or clean and recycle unwanted assets in an environmentally-friendly way. Through a profit-sharing scheme with Mercury Z, you can benefit financially from having your old equipment recycled, with profits from the extracted metals and components. Not only is your equipment disposed in a secure way, but also in a ‘green’ way, with you profiting from the recycling process!

Equipment Management / Asset Disposal services include the following capabilities:

  • E-waste collection events
  • Remarketing
  • Commodity Trading
  • Asset Management Services/IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)
  • Electronics Recycling - Hard drive elimination/data removing

Mercury Z can help you with your Field Support and Installation Services needs, with decades of experience in supporting complex projects, upscaling quickly and efficiently, and managing time and resources to meet deadlines.

In this consult we will be able to understand your requirements, and innovate the right solution for you. Mercury Z does not operate with a “one-size-fits-all” solution. We want to put our clients first by offering customized support to meet your business’s goals.


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