Network Engineering Services

Enhance your network performance with Mercury Z Engineering Services by assessing and updating or by a re-design to achieve a truly scalable solution!

Network Engineering Services

Mercury Z provides a wide range of Network Engineering Services for all size communication and enterprise organizations. Partnering with Mercury Z for your network engineering needs means that you have top industry and design experts to ensure your network is specifically designed and supported for all your business needs. By offering solutions from network design to planning, implementation, optimization, expansion, and integration, we can upgrade your network or give you a complete and comprehensive solution, from start to finish.

Mercury Z tailors network engineering solutions specifically to your organization's network needs and to your industry requirements. We have experienced industry experts on staff ready to address unique and specific requirements particular to your industry and the compliance standards around it. We have worked with clients across a variety of industries including telecommunications, data centers, finance, health care and retail, among others. Mercury Z has positioned ourselves around this experience to provide you with the best industry knowledge. We have the right experts to either find that solution for you, or the capability to innovate it.

Mercury Z's Engineering Service capabilities include:

Application and Software Development

Clients working with Mercury Z for Application and Software Development gain an in-depth analysis of every expected capability. Whether the web app requires a portal for data tracking and reporting, document creation and automation, or inventory tracking, Mercury Z will provide a fully customizable program that can be implemented internally or externally.

IP Migration

Mercury Z’s team of expert IP Migration specialists can help you with your static route migrations. From full scale IP Migration project management to back office IT support, our teams are equipped to handle large scale equipment and software IP migrations that facilitate the operations of your organization.

Often these IP migration and system upgrades can increase your network’s performance when combined with a reliable, well-designed and optimized network solution.

Network Assessment

Do you fully understand what your network needs to improve efficiency, speed, and security? Network solutions are quickly evolving. Capabilities, access points, and overall user requirements are constantly changing. In order to understand what you need to upgrade and improve your network, you need a full network assessment performed by experts who have the latest tools and decades of experience to assess your needs and provide solutions that will help your business. Mercury Z’s team of expert network technicians understand what it takes to bring your network in sync with your current business needs, plus prepare it for future growth. The goal of each network assessment is to reveal how your network corresponds with personnel, user, and partner requirements. Through a series of personnel interviews and an in-depth network discovery, we can recommend steps that are unique to your business and your network needs.

The Results of a Network Assessment

Cost savings

Heightened security

Boosted efficiency

Improved flexibih4ty

Greater redundancy

Optimal network performance

Network Design & Planning

At Mercury Z, we are the experts in networks. Our Network Design & Planning services offer a comprehensive solution for organizations of all sizes and all network requirements. The network experts at Mercury Z have the ability to design and plan your network needs regardless of the size, complexity, or required elements.

Our Process:

Starting with a customized consultation with one of our network experts, you will discuss the current state of your network and what you need to improve your network connectivity and capabilities. Using a variety of connectivity solutions, we will define a network plan to fit your needs and reach your goals. As part of our network planning process, we outline a project plan that will maximize the efficiency of your budget and our team so that you get a well-designed and up-to-date network that benefits your business’s network needs.

Each network design project is custom-made using the latest in connectivity and transport technologies. These vehicles for building and expanding your network are based purely on our findings in the consultation and planning processes. Network transport technologies can include implementing our expertise on:

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)

Examining the current state of your MPLS connection we can recommend the best MPLS carrier in the market for your network. We will also advise you on the number of sites that should go onto your MPLS connection and assist with setting up that network for you. Using MPLS as part of your network design, you can achieve diversity in your network, giving every location a primary and a secondary access based on your needs and requirements.

Wireless Transport

Mercury Z specializes in wireless transport connectivity for your optical networks. Through our strategic partnership with ULL Networks, we also provide you with the wireless connectivity solutions that improve your uptime, reduce your down time, and keep your connected to for all your business needs. Mercury Z’s wireless connectivity can even help you improve your data back-haul connections for added support.

Optical Transport

Mercury Z’s Optical transport options supports you with your fiber optic network installation and maintenance to improve your networks online connectivity and speed to the internet. As part of your network design, our design experts may include optical transport for improved speed and capacity in your online connectivity. Using our technical experience and industry contacts we have the right fiber optic solutions that will fit within your network design.

Network Performance Assessments

In addition to our network design capabilities, the experts in networks at Mercury Z also conduct a performance assessment on your network to ensure your network is meeting specifications after your new design is implemented. Each custom network design project includes a follow up performance assessment immediately following completion. This guarantees that our work is functioning properly and your business has the right level of speed and connectivity discussed throughout each step of your project. For a customized Network Design consultation, reach out to one of our experts in networks to discuss your current structure and what you need to put your network on the fast track to better connectivity.

To find out more about how Mercury Z can help you overcome your complicated and cumbersome network engineering problem, request a Free Customized Network Quote with one of our experts.

In this consult we will be able to understand your network needs, assess solutions that will improve performance and streamline efficiency, and offer the right package designed specific to those needs. Mercury Z does not operate with a “one-size-fits-all” solution. We want to put our clients first by offering customized support to meet your strategic goals.


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