Active Scan by Mercury Z

Actively scan for vulnerabilities 24/7/365!

Active Scan by Mercury Z

Active Scan - Vulnerability Assessments when you need them

You deserve to have the best protection available in the marketplace

MZ’s Active Scan provides year-long (24/7/365) coverage of your network, allowing our security experts the ability to monitor real-time for vulnerabilities in order to reduce the risk of a security breach.

How secure is your internal network?


Why is Active Scan imporant to your network security?

Network vulnerabilities can lead to threats of cyber attacks, misuse, identity theft, intellectual property destruction and compromise, data leakage, and a variety of risks that could cause serious harm to your IT investments, your valuable data, your business, and your customers’ reputation.

Most companies are still only doing one-time scans or quarterly scans to get a snapshot of their organization’s IT environment. In 2015, performing quarterly scans is unacceptable due to the constant changes of technology and hackers’ evolving abilities to penetrate your network. One-time scans are inherently static and outdated for the modern sophistication of data breaches. It’s imperative to have your network constantly scanned for any security holes. Doing this can bring you peace of mind knowing you’re taking necessary steps to ensure the elements contained in your network are being monitored.

What are the benefits of Active Scan?

  • 24/7 proactive monitoring for vulnerabilities within your enterprise
  • Comprehensive vulnerability analysis
  • Expert advice via a certified IT Security Consultant
  • Monthly reviews by a Security Consultant
  • Detailed report and strategy for remediation (if a vulnerability is detected)
  • Competitive pricing

To find out more about how Mercury Z can help you with your Vulnerability Assessment needs, request a Free Customized Quote with one of our experts.

In this consult we will be able to understand your requirements, and innovate the right solution for you. Mercury Z does not operate with a “one-size-fits-all” solution. We want to put our clients first by offering customized support to meet your business’s goals.

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