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Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Network Security Solutions by Mercury Z

At Mercury Z we offer various Network Security Solutions to determine your networks current level of security. Our most popular offerings are Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing. While all Penetration Tests involve an initial Vulnerability Scan to assess weaknesses, without the Penetration Test you won't know the true extent of how vulnerable you are.

What is a Vulnerability Assessment?

In order to protect your business from the threats of unauthorized access and network attacks, robust security controls need to be established. Mercury Z's full-scale Vulnerability Assessment can uncover critical network flaws which could leave your business open to cyber attacks if not remedied. A one-time vulnerability scan can provide you with a snapshot of your network’s security with a report detailing the location of your vulnerabilities. Mercury Z can make remediation recommendations and we can also help take it a step further by devising the best strategy that will help to secure your business against potential network breaches.

The best way to thrive in an environment increasingly prone to cyber attacks is to remain proactive with your security services. The more frequently you test your business through Vulnerability Assessments and other security services, the more vigilient you will become regarding your level of security. That can enable you to make more informed decisions towards achieving a truly secure network. It is for that reason that Mercury Z has developed its unique Active Scan service - a 24/7/365 scan of your network.


Mercury Z's Vulnerability Assessment Methodology

  • A thorough assessment of potential threats and vulnerabilities in your network through an internal and/or external scan of designated IP addresses in the test plan
  • A close-out report evaluating your network’s level of risk by ranking vulnerabilities from critical to low, including recommendations for remediation of vulnerabilities
  • External VA scans will show how vulnerabilities were identified from an outside perspective whilst an internal VA scan will show how vulnerabilities were identified from within the network

Key Benefits of a Mercury Z Vulnerability Assessment

  • Convenient to set up
  • Quick delivery of results and actionable remediation recommendations
  • Accurate assessment of your network's current security as baseline for further measures
  • A considered, professional level of engagement with industry leading consultants

What is a Penetration Test?

Penetration testing, also known as “ethical hacking” is designed to simulate a full-scale cyber hack. Where a Vulnerability Assessment will show your network vulnerabilities, a Penetration Test will show you how far much they can be exploited. We use ethical hacking methodology and qualified ethical hackers to test your company's network security, giving you a better picture of the current state of your network.

Specifically, this type of network testing allows you to learn exactly how your software, hardware, operating systems, and network connectivity may be potentially at risk from cyber hackers looking to exploit your security weaknesses. Penetration testing is ideal for companies who want to see how easily their network can be hacked. Penetration testing is a great way for you to test your latest security safeguards in today's ever-changing tech landscape.

Mercury Z's Penetration Testing Methodology

  • A thorough vulnerability assessment that identifies vulnerabilities difficult to detect with automated scanning tools
  • A test of the client's security tools by attempting to exploit identified vulnerabilities
  • Includes attempts to escalate exploited vulnerabilities to truly test security without interruption to normal business operations
  • A close-out report ranking vulnerabilities, with suggestions for remediation e.g. security patches and upgrades.  Mercury Z also provides services to assist with remediation efforts if requested

Key Benefits of Mercury Z Penetration Testing

  • Find out how well your network would stand up against a skilled cyber attacker
  • Protect your brand and customer Loyalty
  • Understand your the security requirements of your business and how you can improve it
  • Prevent your business from facing damaging legal claims
  • Ensure you are meeting required standards with various compliance bodies (HIPPA, etc)
  • Ensure business continuity by avoiding a loss in operations due to security threats and breaches
  • Earn and secure your customers trust by supplying them with a secure network environment

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