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Expert Project Support from Mercury Z provides your staff and your customers with top-quality service!

Strategic Project Support

Mercury Z provides you with a variety of Project Support solutions, such as: technical staff provisioning, hardware and application diagnosis, and helpdesk support for your staff and customers - all from an established Network Operations Center (NOC). Whether you need simple Tier 1 helpdesk solutions to troubleshoot with your customers or a full-scale NOC, Mercury Z’s Project Support solutions are designed to streamline your overhead for customer support and technical diagnosis. Mercury Z also has a tried-and-tested methodology and process for delivering Staff Augmentation solutions. We can help you find the right staff with the skill sets you need, and manage the entire process including hiring, logistics, scheduling, and deployment, among other aspects.

Partnering with project management experts can help you to focus your time and efforts more efficiently on the core services that make you money.

From strategic project support planning to server migration and a fully functional NOC, we know how to provide the solutions that will reinforce key operational functions that support your organization.

Network Operations Center (NOC)

NOC's for any organization requires specialized knowledge and a staff focused on many aspects of your business’ internal and external networks. NOC staff are specially trained to identify network problems, perform troubleshooting exercises to improve performance, and communicate with your site technicians to provide quick resolutions.

Primary Responsibilities of NOC personnel include:

  • Network monitoring
  • Incident response
  • Communications management
  • Reporting problems

Mercury Z provides experts to execute the essential NOC functions for your organization. We can offer staffing to improve help desk services for your customers, troubleshoot network problems, and handle any customer service inquiries. The Mercury Z team can also provide a help desk service team for your technicians to guide them through the more complex troubleshooting inquires. By partnering with Mercury Z for your Network Operations Center solutions, you will always have an experienced and technically knowledgeable staff available to assist you and your customers.

Providing-courteous-and-knowledgeable-technical-support-for-your staff-and-customers

Staff Augmentation

Unexpected staff shortages can affect the operations of your core business functions. Whether you need additional staff due to the ramp up of new project wins, or you have an unfortunate labor dispute that limits the availability of your workforce, let Mercury Z help you develop a staff augmentation and labor contingency plan.

Mercury Z has the capability to provide you with the staffing support that you need – especially if you require highly technical skill requirements or managers who must have industry project experience.

By partnering with Mercury Z, we will support your staffing solutions by:

  • Working with you to scope your business requirements
  • Producing a workforce plan
  • Factoring in coverage and geography of your project
  • Planning a hierarchical structure that makes sense for your organization
  • Searching for staff based on your specific skill set requirements
  • Hiring industry experts to work for you in managerial and support roles of your project
  • Fully vetting, hiring, and training highly qualified employees for your project
  • Procuring all necessary equipment and plan logistics
  • Maintaining a full database of employees
  • Implementing and managing the deployment of your support staff
  • Reporting on all key performance indicators that matter you to your business

With Mercury Z, you are getting more than a staffing recruiter. We bring our industry-specific knowledge and project expertise to your business in order to provide the proper project support staff so your business can remain up-and-running.

Hardware Diagnosis

Excess and unused hardware on your network can impact the efficiency of your network performance. Equipment like old servers, receivers, switches, routers, and translators are all designed to facilitate your computer network. However, when you have excess equipment or unused hardware bogging down your network, this can impact your overall network performance.

Mercury Z offers a hardware diagnostic service to test the components in your system. We will perform our analysis and report necessary remediation solutions that will improve your network speed and efficiency.

With a thorough assessment of each element in your network’s hardware systems, Mercury Z can help you diagnose problem areas that are impacting overall network performance. By identifying these hardware components, our team of expert network engineers can design a plan for alleviating your network of this unused equipment as well as an updated network design that will improve network capacity, bandwidth, and efficiency for your business.

Application Support

It is nearly impossible to run any organization in the 21st century without business and web applications; they keep the business world moving forward. When an issue inevitably arises with these applications, you need an expert with the right skills to be on-call and prepared to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

Mercury Z’s team of application experts help you to identify the problem areas, analyze and evaluate possible solutions, and give you the application support that you need. Mercury Z can fix your problem as soon as possible with minimum interruption so your business can continue operating smoothly.

Our Application Support solutions are designed to:

  • Be a turnkey solution
  • Provide diagnosis and support
  • Be executed quickly & efficiently

Strategic Planning & Tiered Support

Comprehensive IT Support Packages Designed around YOU

Mercury Z offers you tiered support options as well as strategic planning to help you rise above the complexities of establishing your own support center. We work directly with you and your team to find strategic ways to solve your most complex customer service dilemmas.

Strategic Planning

Mercury Z’s IT support experts will meet with you to establish your initial needs, stakeholder requirements, and an acceptable timeline for delivery. Each solution in a strategic plan is customized to your unique requirements. Professional advisors are here to help you scope, plan, and implement your needs from start to finish.

Tiered Support

Depending on your level of customer support needs, we have tiered service offerings based on the level of technical expertise you need.

  • Level 1 Support - Designed to offer basic hardware/software troubleshooting - Your customers, sales staff, and employees can have a dedicated place to get all their IT solutions handled when they encounter IT issues.
  • Level 2 Support - For more complex IT hurdles - Whether it is a connectivity issue or a network access support problem that needs to be addressed immediately, Level 2 support handles the hard questions right when you need them answered.
  • Level 3 Support - Expert engineer support is only available in a Level 3 support tier. This is exclusively for high-level hardware/networking OS problems that requires assistance from our expert engineers to troubleshoot and fix the issue.

Server Migration

With continuous upgrades and ever-changing technology, it can be easy to suddenly find yourself with outdated servers and equipment. Perhaps you realize you are operating on an inefficient versions of programs that no longer function as swiftly as you would like. Server migration is a common reality in our digital age of rapidly growing organizations. 

With a thorough assessment from Mercury Z, you will work with an expert who can:

  • Fully assess the current status of your server
  • Provide a full plan of migration that will identify exactly what you need
  • Implement an end-to-end project management system to migrate your servers
  • Improve the efficiency of your operating systems
  • Ensure a full migration with minimal system downtime

Mercury Z specializes in Exchange and Active Directory migration, which can also help you to fix any problems that are identified. We will work with you in order to achieve the best performance possible from your systems.

IT Asset Disposal Services

In modern day business where technological advances are happening on a daily basis, it is not surprising to see many business network configurations designed to work around outdated or inoperable assets. Mercury Z offers an IT Asset Disposal service to clean and recycle unwanted assets in an environmentally-friendly way.

Not only are your IT assets disposed in a secure way, but also in a ‘green’ way, with you profiting from the recycling process!

Through a profit-sharing scheme with Mercury Z, enterprises, municipalities, telecommunication companies, and organizations of all sizes can benefit financially from having your IT assets recycled, with any profits made from metals and components extracted.

Mercury Z offers the experience and expertise to assemble an asset disposal team for a turnkey, full scale, end-to-end project that includes scoping, planning, executing, and reporting on IT assets eliminated from your system.

For details on how Mercury Z can assist in your IT Asset Disposal, request a consult from one of our expert IT Asset Disposal Advisors.

We implement ongoing training for each staff member on your team. We focus on rigorous reporting so you are consistently up-to-date on your support desk metrics. We monitor productivity and success by ensuring we are meeting your level of satisfaction with how your customers are handled and their problems solved.

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