Wireless Connectivity Solutions

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Wireless Connectivity Solutions

Enterprise-level wireless connectivity continues to be a pervasive issue as organizations of all sizes look to find more efficient ways to wirelessly connect to the Internet. Beyond basic wireless Internet, enterprises should be in constant pursuit of developing a back-up connection that will ensure maximum up-time in the event of an outage or disaster.

Mercury Z’s team of wireless network experts have over 20 years of experience in planning, building, and providing businesses with wireless connectivity solutions that are custom designed to solve the most pressing connectivity issues. Our expertise in wireless networks allows us to offer you the best in wireless network design, logical network support, full scale project management, and the latest in wireless technologies to fit your requirements.

As experts in networks, Mercury Z can provide your organization with this full range of wireless solutions to help you with your connectivity needs. We support major communication carriers in providing full close-out support packages, quality inspection of cellular sites, and even professional services for wifi connectivity. 

Explore Mercury Z’s Wireless Capabilities:

Small Cell Backhaul Provisioning

Mercury Z wireless connectivity solutions provide enterprises with the capability to connect all elements within your network in order to give you the connectivity you need to operate more efficiently. In the 21st century of the constantly connected business world, small cell backhaul provisioning solutions are becoming an agile way to create the backup connection you need for continuous connectivity.

Mercury Z's Small Cell Backhaul Provisioning service facilitates this connectivity by providing end-to-end project management support, open line of communication with your associated carrier or communication provider, systems for identifying and designing the best backhaul provisioning options, managing a full-service deployment team, and coordinating all your back-office provisioning processes for building your backhaul solution. Provisioning a small cell backhaul link is the solution your business needs for reaching maximum up-time.


Partnering with the Mercury Z team allows you to benefit from a centralized process, an effective management system to ensure a carrier-class small cell deployment, and an efficient service to set up your connection.


Close-Out Support Packages

Mercury Z offers Close-Out Support Packages to help you make sure that all the relevant project documentation has been captured, and verified for accuracy. This can be difficult when there are numerous sites to consider, whether it be nationally, regionally, or locally. Mercury Z provides you with a service that centralizes this checking process by establishing management in one location, communicating with all parties concerned, constructing processes to collect data, and producing custom reporting. By working with Mercury Z, you can ensure the accurate verification of your production data is captured in one place with one project manager.

Quality Inspection Services

Mercury provides an on-site quality inspection service upon request. If you would like us to act as an independent assessor, Mercury Z can inspect your locations, and verify that the work has been completed according to set standards. Select between one or several visits, a sampling of sites, or all sites.

Professional Services for WiFi

Mercury Z’s Professional Services for WiFi provides you with a number of options for increasing revenue while improving the overall service delivery to your customers. Mercury Z helps you in areas of WiFi Pre-Sales Support, WiFi project implementation, and On-going WiFi network support and optimization. We can support any situation with services designed specifically for service providers, OEMs, resellers, as well as end-user enterprise customers.

  • Site Verification Survey: This service is offered to resellers of WiFi solutions (SPs, OEMs, etc) Mercury Z can deploy resources from coast to coast to go into target locations and conduct site surveys for WiFi, Small Cell, and DAS oriented projects. Our services can ensure that when you respond to an RFP / RFI bid, the information and cost estimates are on target with developing a project that is accurate, and stays within the projected budget. Mercury Z technicians perform the data gathering on-site and sends a formal report to Mercury Z’s WiFi SME team. The WiFi SME team consolidates the results including predictive analysis results for your final review so that you have the necessary data before providing a formal bid on a project.

  • WiFi Performance Subscription: For your existing WiFi installations, you can use Mercury Z services to find a resolution when users report poor performance, and IT resources are limited. We can provide you with a drop-ship service, where preconfigured WiFi probes are sent directly to the site(s) for plug-n-play operations. These probes can be self-installed, or Mercury Z can install them on your behalf. Once the probes are in place, data analytics are stored in the Mercury Z cloud, and translated to actionable KPI reports. On-site support is also offered in cases requiring immediate remediation and/or restoral of uptime.

  • On-Site Analysis: This is a service available to customers when an issue requires expert attention-to-detail. A Mercury Z engineer is dispatched to the site, with a host of tools in order to quickly determine issues and offer remediation steps for resolution. The Mercury Z engineer works with local staff to understand the overall history of the issue, leading up to the ‘call-to-action’. The Mercury Z Engineer may also engage the wireless AP manufacturing entity as it relates to securing the latest software enhancements, bug fixes, etc.

Mercury Z can help develop the project planning of new installations as well as support the fine tuning requirements for existing WiFi installations. We can provide you with a service that identifies any issues quickly. Data reporting gathered by Mercury Z helps the IT team to stay on top of issues, providing them with tangible results and actionable steps for improving the WiFi experience.

To find out more about how Mercury Z can help you with your connectivity requirements, request a Custom Wireless Consult with one of our experts.

In this consult we will be able to understand your requirements, and innovate the right solution for you. Mercury Z does not operate with a “one-size-fits-all” solution. We want to put our clients first by offering customized support to meet your business’s goals.

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