5 Benefits of Migrating Your Health Care Data to a Hosted Environment

 A 6-page Resource for Health Care Industry Professionals 

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Did you know that HIPAA violation fines can range anywhere from $100 to $50,000?

While there are several layers to HIPAA regulations, the security of your digital data environment makes up the majority of the regulations that you need to deal with.

Saying your data is secure is not enough. You want to make sure your patient data passes all of the HIPAA requirements for data security. Often times health care service providers and their vendors rely on internal systems to maintain their security.

Is that enough to pass a HIPAA audit? This 6-page reference is designed to: 

  • Help healthcare industry professionals understand the benefits of using a hosted environment for managing and storing personal patient data.
  • Share practical advice that general office managers, physicians, and IT directors can use to make a decision on finding HIPAA compliant data center services.

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