Vulnerability Assessment 

Limit your exposure to unwanted intrustions

Every unwanted intrusion begins with a vulnerability. A Vulnerability Assessment will identify the exploitable areas in your IT system which can expose your company to malicious hackers and unwanted security breaches.

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Nearly 6 BILLION
Data Records Stolen

5,900,000,000 Records

According to Breach Level Index (, there have been more than 5,900,000,000 data records compromised since 2013. In fact, every second, there are nearly 46 records lost or stolen. You can do the math - that's nearly 4 million records every single day.

Top Website Hacked
in late 2016 Hacked

December 2016 - Dailymotion, one of the world's top websites, admitted their systems were hacked, exposing millions of accounts. 85.2 million unique email addresses and usernames were stolen, but about one-in-five accounts, roughly 18.3 million, had associated passwords.

Myth: We're protected.
We have an IDS.

Myth vs Fact

False. Firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems are are not designed to protect networks from vulnerabilities. Developing and enforcing a network security policy that includes ongoing vulnerability assessments is critical to maintaining business continuity.



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